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School & host family

The first six days we spent at host families in Edinburgh. This was a great opportunity to learn about the daily life and habits of Scottish people. Most of us really enjoyed the time at the host family. Only the food was sometimes a little bit strange, for example crisps with vinegar. Most of the host families were very nice and it was easy to understand them. As the families told us which buses to take, we had no problems to find the right bus to the city centre.

In the mornings we attended the “EAC” school for foreign students. On the first day at school we were assessed in form of a test and then were split up in two groups. The teachers there were very friendly and they made us speak much. So we learned a lot of useful things. It was also a big advantage that the teachers were native speakers. During the breaks we were allowed to use the computers. At the end of the week each of us got a certificate. All in all, we had a great time at the EAC-school.

Sights in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and a great and beautiful city. One of the most impressive attractions is the Edinburgh castle, situated on an extinct volcano.

Another attraction is Colton Hill. On top of it you have a wonderful view all over Edinburgh. You can see the sea, the parliament-building and nearly all other monuments.

In the evening, you have the opportunity to enjoy a ghost tour, going along the streets and visiting mysterious places. The leader will tell stories as e.g. the story of “Half-Hang-Maggie”.
When Maggie was a young woman she married a man, who treated her badly and so she ran away. Maggie found work at a bar. After some time she became pregnant from of the owner of the bar. When the baby was born she recognized that it was dead and so she threw it into a river. A fisherman found the dead baby and took it to the police. They found out that it was Maggie´s baby. Maggie was sentenced to death by hanging but Maggie survived the execution. From that day on she was “Half-Hang-Maggie”.

Strolling along the “Royal Mile” with its numerous traditional shops and monuments is also a nice experience. One of these monuments commemorates “Bobby”. The faithful dog is the symbol of Edinburgh.

If you want to go shopping you have to visit Princes Street, where you will find all kinds of shops. But: take enough money with you!


On Saturday, 3rd of May we started our tour through the Highlands. Our first destination was Inverness. On the way we stopped for a forest walk at the Hermitage, where we saw an impressing waterfall. Our next stop was at the Culloden Moor Visitor Centre, where the story of the tragic Culloden Battle is explained.

On the next day we visited the miraculous home of the monster Nessie. In the Loch Ness Visitor Centre we tried to find out the secret about Nessie. Then we drove down the coast road to Oban, a famous harbour. There we explored the town and went shopping.

The last day of our trip ended in Glasgow. Our bus driver David told us among other things that Glasgow has the most green areas per inhabitant. It was not just because the weather was so sunny that we enjoyed the stay in the green city.

Throughout these three days David told us a number of interesting stories of Scottish people and history and every evening he drove us to the youth hostels in town, where we spent the nights.