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From 5th to 12th May 2009 we, the 4 AK, visited in Cambridge/England for an Intensive Language Week. We took off from Vienna Airport and landed at London/Luton. A bus was waiting for us and took us to our host families where we stayed in groups of two or three for the rest of the week.

The host families welcomed us to Cambridge in a friendly way. We got to know each other and their lifestyles. The eating habits are different to ours and the dinner is the main meal of the day. It’s served between 6 and 7 p.m.
As most of us stayed in the outskirts of Cambridge, we had to take the bus to go to school.

In the morning we had lessons from 9 to 12:15. We were split into two groups: One group attended a general English course, the other group got prepared for the First Certificate of English exam. The lessons with our native speakers Toby and Carol were great fun and we learned a lot.

After school we had a lunchbreak. Our host families gave us a lunch paket every day. It mostly consisted of a sandwich, a bar of chocolate, crisps, fruits and something to drink.
In the afternoon our teachers arranged tours to various places and sights.

During our language trip Carol showed us many important sights and told us a lot about the colleges in Cambridge. Cambridge University consists of 31 colleges.
There are also some shopping centres, pubs and a market place in the middle of the city.
Everywhere we looked we could find typical British food like hot dogs, muffins, fish & chips and also biscuits.
In Cambridge there are 30 bridges over the river Cam.
A special tourist attraction in Cambridge is punting which we did on Sunday after we had visited the Choral Service in King’s Chapel. There we heard the world-famous choir.

Once we went to Ely, a medieval city close to Cambridge, by train. This city is famous for its Cathedral.

A highlight of the week was a sightseeing-tour in Britain’s capital city London. We took the train to King’s Cross from there we used the London tube.
From the Tower of London we walked across the Tower Bridge. St. Paul’s Cathedral was also worth seeing.
On the Queen’s Walk along the Thames we went to the London Eye.
We walked across Westminster Bridge and passed the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Close to these buildings there was Westminster Abbey.
Buckingham Palace was our next stop.
The most famous place in London is Piccadilly Circus where we spent our free time in London.
Some of us went shopping, others went to see the famous Hard Rock Cafe.

It was a new experience, we could improve our English, met new people and we are glad that we had the opportunity to go on a language trip.

We would like to say thank you to our parents for making the trip possible and our teachers Mrs Margit Wilfinger and Mrs Brigitte Kropf for planning it.


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